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content-as-a-service for web3 startups, space companies, and visionaries ✨

Content creation designed for maximum reach and minimal fixed costs

Grow your brand organically while keeping costs lean.



Fully asynchronous. Skip unnecessary calls to focus on building something people want.


Flexible Costs

Keep commitments low as a lean startup, and kiss the hiring paperwork goodbye.


Fast Delivery

Get high-quality, unique content delivered in under 2 days, instead of 7.


300%+ Value

Get the cumulative experience of 3 marketers with one fixed fee.


Unique Content

No more sounding like a bot. All content is personalized to your brand.


Unlimited Requests

Submit as many content requests as you'd like on your dedicated board.

Asynchronous workflow for frictionless collaboration

Optimized for efficiency, here's how you get high-quality, customized content:


1. Request

Select a subscription plan and add your requests


2. Receive

Requests get completed one by one


3. Approve

Approve or revise until 100% satisfied

Trusted by 20+ visionaries worldwide


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We're a small, well-coordinated team. Given our size, we handpick whom we work with and prioritize passionate, visionary teams to ensure sustained effectiveness.Reflecting on our portfolio of >20 satisfied clients, we can confidently say that we work with global clients that are backed by the best.

You BUIDL, we get you noticed

Sign up in 30 seconds and get your first customized content delivered within 48 hours.More info in our FAQ section.


$3,900 $3,199/month

Pause or cancel anytime.

  • One content request at a time.

  • Great for testing a new marketing channel.

  • Minimal monthly commitment.

  • Average 48-hour turnaround.



$7,000 $5,949/month

Pause or cancel anytime.

  • Double the requests.

  • Higher frequency for more consistent brand exposure.

  • Great for channels with proven success.

  • Average 48-hour turnaround.


Pay Per Content

$300/content crafted

One-off payment.

  • Unique to your brand

  • Guaranteed traffic

  • Great for product announcements, individual promo campaigns, etc.

  • Limited to 3 content requests per week



Prices quoted in USD. Credit card payments are accepted.

Some stuff our customers have asked

▶ Can't I just hire a full-time social media manager?

Of course, but subscription plans offer more flexibility and are less of an investment. Experienced social media managers are expensive - at least $100,000/yr (excluding company benefits, recruitment costs, etc.)Not to mention, you have to spend weeks or months on recruitment. Plus keeping them busy to make your money's worth!With our plans, you get years of combined experience across various fields (not limited to just marketing) with one fixed fee. No surprises. No managing & training needed.

▶ How about I just get a bunch of influencers or ghostwriters for flexibility?

On top of still having to micromanage them, a Twitter post goes for upwards of $900 per thread (average market rate).Impressions garnered from those as a percentage of total followers have typically fallen below our average benchmarks.Writing quality will be questionable and technical understanding elementary at best. Unless you opted for A-grade KOLs - which would cost 5-figures or more.

▶ How do the plans work?

Each monthly plan comes with a coworking board (like Asana/Trello/Jira) with unlimited users, and fully-asynchronous communication via Slack.Included in the welcome email will be your invite to a dedicated Slack channel, and a link to manage your billing preferences.You have the full flexibility to upgrade/downgrade, pause, or cancel at any time, depending on your business needs.

▶ Is there a request limit?

No, there are no limits to how many requests you can add, each will be completed one by one.

Post as many content requests as you'd like and you get to decide which gets fulfilled first. Pro Plan users get to choose 2 at a time.

▶ Do you only work with Web3 brands?

Not necessarily. We have worked with many other verticals beyond blockchain startups, like space exploration!Although our focus is within Web3 due to our team's competitive advantage as early entrants, we wouldn't miss an opportunity to organically grow a rockstar brand!

▶ What type of content can be requested?

At the moment, we support X (Twitter) posts/threads. We are working on expanding coverage to blogs, newsletters, Instagram, and TikTok.Basic banner/imagery for social posts or blogs can be requested too.

▶ Do you offer refunds?

We typically do not as the plans have been designed to be incredibly flexible compared to industry alternatives. However, please do reach out to us and we'll do our best to assist and resolve the matter :)

▶ Is my data secure?

Yes, we use Stripe for payment and do not store any of your credit card information. We accept credit cards from all major networks such as Mastercard, Visa and AMEX.

Otherwise, all other data provided will only be used for its intended purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties unless permission is requested. Confidentiality and the safety of your private information is our top priority, other than creating banger content for your brand.

▶ Can't find what you're looking for in the FAQ?

Send us your questions here to get a same-day response.

Triple the experience at a fraction of the costs

The team shares a passion for crafting organic, social content for impactful brands.
We have over 20 years of cumulative experience, spanning across multiple emerging industries involving tech, with broad full-stack marketing experience.



ex-Global Head of Growth

  • serial entrepreneur

  • grew twitter (x) traffic from 0 to 5-figures in <4 weeks with $0 budget

  • scaled revenue from 5 to 6 figures in <1 quarter



Chief Marketing Officer

  • consultant to bootstrap founders & lean teams

  • Led growth for multiple early-stage tech startups

  • Web3 & DeFi native with finance background



Creative Director

  • leads creative design for facebook & google ad accounts totaling >$1.5M budget

  • A wizard with tiktok, Instagram reels & YouTube shorts

  • >1M views on a single tiktok

If you would like to join the crew, feel free to reach out to us!


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